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Well That’s it Then – Back to Work Tomorrow

Looe Beach Cornwall

Well, the summer is over and Autumn is here,

It’s time to go back for a new school year.

The weather’s not been good, I’ve felt quite cheated,

But in no time at all the holiday’s completed.


I had so many plans, so much to do,

They’ve all been forgotten, all went askew.

I’ve enjoyed the lie ins and staying in bed,

Until 8:30 am most days, sometimes I just read.


It’s not that I’m lazy, I needed the break,

From getting up early for goodness sake.

I’ve enjoyed every minute, it caused me no harm,

But back to the grindstone, I’ll set the alarm.


I am so easily pleased…

I’m not very good at getting bargains. Fact. I wouldn’t see one if it slapped me across the face with a wet haddock. It’s true. All my friends have  tales of how they managed to buy this or that for half price. Or they had taken advantage of the BOGOF (Buy one get one free) offers in the supermarket and ended up quids in.

By the way, in the UK there is an advert for windows where this long haired, oddly dressed man shouts out repeatedly, “YOU BUY ONE, YOU GET ONE FREE, I SAID YOU BUY ONE, YOU GET ONE FREE”  I hate that advert!!

I digress, sorry.  Back to my friends. I usually listen politely and give them a pat on the back but deep down I am envious. That’s not how I wish to feel and it makes me sad that I’ve even admitted that out loud to you.

Well, that all changed today. Yes! I got really excited. I hope you’re sitting comfortably because here I go.

It all started with a trip to my local supermarket. (The time of day might be important to mention as our shops (UK) have to close at 4pm on a Sunday), so it was 2:30pm today, (Sunday if you’re reading this tomorrow – oh – you get the picture.) I walked in as I normally do, trying to remember why I was there and then what did I have to get. You’d think by now I would’ve had a shopping list but not me, there’s nothing wrong with my er…memory.

Fruit and veg was my first port of call. (Ali, weight watcher’s leader, I hope you’re reading this.) So off I trotted, well walked really, and I noticed a commotion over by the mangoes, now I don’t get involved in such shenanigans,  usually, but today I was in a ‘devilish’ mood and I thought, ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and slid myself into the centre of this throng of burly looking female wrestlers.  OK, I’m exaggerating, you guessed already. There were a few ‘older ladies’ shall we say, delving into what appeared to be mountains  piles of bags containing various food stuffs. In these bags were mixed salad vegetables – I needed that I remembered- apples, tomatoes and many more things that I needed. ‘Great,’ I thought.

Now I wasn’t excited yet, oh no, the excitement came when I noticed something stuck to the bar code part on the back of the pack. On closer examination, I could tell that it was yellow. Now I knew what that meant because I’ve seen a programme on the TV that mentioned these stickers. In fact, I’ll go further to say that some people do their shopping like that as a way of keeping the bills down. * Note to self – I should do that.

Anyway on this sticker was a price that was  reduced significantly. Probably about 10p  no, much more than that. (I haven’t had a chance to work it out yet. Will let you know.) By this time the adrenaline was flowing in copious amounts – I knew I shouldn’t have had that final cup of tea before I left home –  so I delved a bit deeper. In my effort to get as many products as I could without being noticed, (Street Cred and all that!) I got Steve to barricade me in with the trolley thus keeping out the ‘Vultures’ that frequented that shop out.

Well, he’s just said that he merely stood out of the way as he doesn’t like the sight of blood. Typical, I was getting all dramatic then.

So there I was clutching 4 bags of reduced fruit and veg with a beaming smile on my face. I had done it! The first time ever. I had managed to find the best bargains in the supermarket and I didn’t have to try that hard. I knew that the reason for the reduction was the ‘sell by date’ elapsing but the ‘use by date’ was at least 3 days away. 

*Please read the article I borrowed from the BBC News Magazine below after I’ve finished.

Come back, I haven’t finished yet. It gets better in the end.

At the checkout and looking all smug, (That was me) I was waiting for the friendly assistant to scan my products. Steve positioned himself in front of the price read out part of the display, just to make sure she didn’t miss the reduced prices. Whilst he kept watch, he packed the bags too. (Who said that men couldn’t multi-task?) I’m sure if she did over charge me, we both would’ve been at her like snappy dogs. Anyway, too cut a long story short,she didn’t.


My heart was skipping a beat. I can’t wait to tell my friends.

If you thought that this is the end then you’d be wrong because as we were leaving we noticed there were freebies being given out at the door. We noticed on the way in but I forgot to mention it. There were 2 ladies standing outside giving out some new products. Well, if you must know, creamed rice pudding. Steve’s favourite dessert. I had a plan up my sleeve as I was feeling devilish. I said to him, ‘let’s pretend that we’re not together so we both get given a pot.’ which he gladly did.

*Another note to self – He did it too readily too. Is he trying to tell me something?

He did better than I did because he asked the young lady for an extra pot for his partner. Me. I didn’t do that which is a fail in my book.

So there we have it. That’s why I’m easily pleased. Apart from the bruises on my elbows where I barged my way into the throng of wrestlers, I’m feeling happy. Now I know how it’s done, I will do it again. This time I will be the one who sits there and says,

“Check me out girls, I’m a happy shopper…blah, blah, blah!”

Thank you for waiting while you read my post. If you want you can read this too…

Use-by: the key date in terms of safety. Never eat food after this date. Found on cooked meats, soft cheeses and dairy-based desserts

Best-before: is about quality not safety. Food should be safe to eat after this date, but it might not be at its best. One exception is eggs
Sell-by/Display-until: this information is for the retailer, not the customer. It is mainly used for stock control purposes

I didn’t win the lotto.

“Things happen for a reason,” 

that’s what I always say.

Why can’t the reason be to make me rich?

That’d certainly be OK.



I don’t ask for a lot in life.

Only to be content,

but if I had a million pounds,

it would pay the rent.



Well, if I won  I’d buy a big house,

for  Steve, the kids and me,

have a lovely holiday,

and sail upon the sea.



I suppose I’ll have to wait this time,

and next week I might do it.

Cos as that saying always goes,

“you have to be in it to win it.”



I won’t make any money writing poetry, that’s for sure!!


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