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Random Photos from my phone…from the last few sunny days…

Blue sky behind Smeaton’s Tower

Sir Francis Drake is waiting in the queue for the wheel – Lovely weather Sir

It was from here that Drake sailed in 1577, to return in 1580 having circumnavigated the world, and in 1583 Drake was made governor of the island.

I didn’t take this photo of Drake’s Island so thanks to Google Images

My Grandson loves to sit on the fence – a glorious day in Looe Cornwall

My sheep friends needed to shade from the burning sun – Clearbrook on The Moors – a lovely place to forget the World and read a good book

We, in Plymouth, have had some glorious weather so I have been out and about to see what I could record with my phone camera. I’m quite pleased with my efforts. I’ll never be a ‘David Bailey‘ but pleased all the same.    

After all I am easily pleased …     https://baarmychris.wordpress.com/?s=I%27m+easily+pleased&submit=Go


I’m thinking…I do sometimes


I was thinking of what to write. Writer’s block has caught me off guard.


Well I was going to post some lovely photos I took using my phone yesterday but I tried earlier and can’t upload them.

Now, I’m a technophobe, I know that,  but I never had this problem with my old phone.

You see my son very kindly gave me his old phone. Bless him. It took me ages to work it out. When I used the touch screen to text I’d end up sending weird messages. That’ll be the predictive text and not me.

So, I’m guessing I’ll have to hold onto those ‘fantastic’ photos until I work out how to do it.

I’ll get back to you.

Oh, the Red Arrows and the Hoe in Plymouth were the subject.

Stay tuned.


Why am I behind the times?

I had my first experience last night…

I know, it’s hard to believe that someone of my worldly experience, (Yeah Right!) would have waited so long to try it out. It may come as a surprise to you that I’m not as experienced as you might have thought. (Some of you may have realised that already if you’d read any of my posts.)

To be honest, I never looked to do it in the first place. I mean, the opportunity has never arose really. I just thought it was something that I would never do at all so I never thought about it.

It’s a bit like…oh I don’t know, riding a bike or eating raw fish. Maybe eating raw fish whilst riding a bike even. I think you know what I mean. Incidentally, I have never done either of those examples. If I carried on digressing it would be a very long story, so if you don’t mind I’ll tell you that some other time. Thanks.

Now then, back to my new experience before I forget why I started writing. That happens. A lot.

Before I tell you, because I’m sure you’re all shouting at the screen, (well, all two of you) let me tell you that I have a dongle. It’s not something I’ll have to get cream from the chemist for but a device that plugs into a USB port which allows you to get the internet. You have to top your dongle up in the same way you would your mobile phone if you don’t have a contract. Pay as you go then.

Now, since having my dongle, I have topped up the credit many times. In fact, I’d go so far as to say more than…10. To top up you can either go to the shop where you purchased said dongle or do it online. Now, I have done it both ways. (Ooer Mrs.What a carry on!) The problem I’ve had recently though is online topping up. Shocking.

This is where my new experience comes in so be patient, I am aware that you’ve switched off. 

Here we go. Deep breath. I got so annoyed with my dongle that I nearly threw it a centimetre. I got to the page that says, ‘To top online click here’ which took me through the usual pages of enter this, enter that. I got to the page that says, ‘Now enter your credit/debit card details’

Hooray. I did what was asked of me. Surely I am now topped up. Instead up pops the message in red, ‘There seems to be a problem with the card details, make sure you have selected the correct card for the number you have entered’ What?

I am a very patient person normally but this has happened more than once (and not just on one day) so I got a little annoyed.

“Right!” I shouted at the screen, “There’s only one option left and that is a complaint to the company that sold me the stupid dongle.” With that in mind, I went to the ‘contact us’ page. I started to write in my details when up popped a box, THIS IS IT, it was an instant messaging box. Now, this is what I have never, ever done before. Can you believe that?

Anyway, the person on the other end must’ve realised, because he didn’t lose patience with me when I answered his questions in a very weird way.

Like this transcript. (I got so excited that I did it, I asked for a copy.)

info: You are now connected with ****.
****: Hello, you’re chatting with ****, one of ***** online customer service specialists.  May I take your full name and mobile number please?(This is where I should’ve answered his question but didn’t even realise…D’oh!)
You: I have tried on many occasions to top up my dongle online but, even though I put in the correct card and number details, it still comes up as an error. I have had to go into town to have it done there 3 times in the last couple of months. I find the whole experience painful and unecessary.
****: Oh I am sorry to hear that and I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you 
****: Certainly I will check that for you 
You: Christine  ********* is my dongle number
****: Hello Christine  🙂
****: How are you doing today ?

You: Hello. As you can see I am a bit fed up with trying to top up my internet dongle.
****: Sure I will help you with that please wait till I load the account for you as system is slow
****: Please answer the secret question on the account What was your first school ?
You: M Primary
****: Thank you please wait
****: Thank you for waiting. I can confirm that the given details verified the account details.
****: May I have last 4 digit of card ?
You: ****
****: thank you please wait
****: It will take me a couple of minutes to check this for you. Is that ok?
You: yes
****: Thank you for waiting I have checked the account and can confirm that your card is not registered on account with us so if you want I can register the card for you 
You: I have used it on this account before but OK

I felt sorry for him by this time.
****: Sure I will register it for you 
****: May I have 16 digit card number ?
****: Card holder full name ?
You: *****
****: CVV2 Number ?
You:  Christine P*****
You: What’s CVV2 number
****: CVV2 number you will find it on flip side of card
You: **** is the last 3 digits
****: Thank you 
****: Expiration date ?
****: also the registered billing address for the card
You: 01/13
You: *** L Road PL2 
****: Thank you please wait till I register it for you
****: Thank you for waiting I have registered the card on the account for you successfully 
*****: may I know by how much amount you wish to top-up the account ?
You: £**
****: Thank you please wait
****: Thank you for waiting Top-up successfully applied on the account 
*****: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
You: No thank you. Does that mean I will be able to top up easier next time? Thank you for doing that today for me ****. Much appreciated. CP
****: Yes you will be able to that next time via online account 
*****: Thanks for chatting with me. To receive a transcript of this chat (by email), or to tell ***** how I did today, please click the “End Chat” button on the top right of the chat window.
****: Bye have a pleasant evening 🙂
You: OK Thanks and you 🙂

Now I’ve done it once, I’m keen to do it again. I was so excited at the fact that he could ask me things instantly like that and I could answer it so quickly. I marvelled at it. Next time I’ll make sure I’m reading his questions properly though. My partner sat there shaking his head in disbelief because I was so surprised at the technology,  like it was a new invention or something.
He’s still laughing now…

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