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Olympians Return to Plymouth

On Wednesday our local Olympians  paraded through Plymouth on an open top bus.

 I was there and I felt as emotional as I did when I watched them compete, when I saw the bus approaching Royal Parade.

I took some photos with my phone as I don’t own an elaborate camera. They were, a touch, blurry but  I was happy I managed to get some pictures.

After we watched them on stage, through the crowds of people that had congregated, we decided to take a trip up onto the Hoe. A fantastic sunset greeted us.

As I said before, they were a bit blurry but the view was amazing.

Plymouth is a great place with fantastic views. I’ve lived here all my life and I still marvel at the sights.

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London Olympics 2012 – It’s all over…

‘All good things come to an end,’

is what  they always say.

The joy, the sadness, bitterness too,

has touched the World,

and, maybe, touched you.


The nation has such talented beings,

from Michael Phelps to Bradley Wiggins.

I have been sat on the edge of my seat,

watching the rowers and cyclists,

bravely compete.

In fact,  there’s not a sport I didn’t watch,

I cheered on all the GB team,

and turned the sound up a notch.

They all did so well it would seem.

We were with you all the way.

I’d wished I was in the crowd,

but it wasn’t to be for your special day

Team GB made their country  feel proud.


I got to watch it all on TV

and in Plymouth on the Big Screen,

It meant everything to me,

 It made me feel like a Queen.

Now it seems like a lifetime away,

London Olympics is done,

What will I do with all my days?

Well I’ll be waiting for the next one.



The Paralympics will be with us soon,

29th August ’til September.

I know I’ll be there from morning ’til noon,

Well later too if I remember.


I love watching sports,

I used to take part.

Doesn’t matter which sorts,

They lift up my heart.


I have to say that the London Olympics 2012 were the best I’ve ever seen. The BBC did a very good job as did every commentator and presenter. The Olympians should feel so proud of themselves because they were truly an inspiration to future generations. They took defeat with grace, were supportive of each other and did GB proud.


Three Cheers For Team GB


Random Photos from my phone…from the last few sunny days…

Blue sky behind Smeaton’s Tower

Sir Francis Drake is waiting in the queue for the wheel – Lovely weather Sir

It was from here that Drake sailed in 1577, to return in 1580 having circumnavigated the world, and in 1583 Drake was made governor of the island.

I didn’t take this photo of Drake’s Island so thanks to Google Images

My Grandson loves to sit on the fence – a glorious day in Looe Cornwall

My sheep friends needed to shade from the burning sun – Clearbrook on The Moors – a lovely place to forget the World and read a good book

We, in Plymouth, have had some glorious weather so I have been out and about to see what I could record with my phone camera. I’m quite pleased with my efforts. I’ll never be a ‘David Bailey‘ but pleased all the same.    

After all I am easily pleased …     https://baarmychris.wordpress.com/?s=I%27m+easily+pleased&submit=Go


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