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Sunset – Haiku

Sunset in Carmarthenshire-0-

Golden scene fading

Last light of day tints the sky

Carmarthen at night



Fluffy Sheep – Cinquain

Fluffy Sheep

 sheep on the Moors


White Clouds

Float On Hills

 Love The Misty Moors


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Random Photos from my phone…from the last few sunny days…

Blue sky behind Smeaton’s Tower

Sir Francis Drake is waiting in the queue for the wheel – Lovely weather Sir

It was from here that Drake sailed in 1577, to return in 1580 having circumnavigated the world, and in 1583 Drake was made governor of the island.

I didn’t take this photo of Drake’s Island so thanks to Google Images

My Grandson loves to sit on the fence – a glorious day in Looe Cornwall

My sheep friends needed to shade from the burning sun – Clearbrook on The Moors – a lovely place to forget the World and read a good book

We, in Plymouth, have had some glorious weather so I have been out and about to see what I could record with my phone camera. I’m quite pleased with my efforts. I’ll never be a ‘David Bailey‘ but pleased all the same.    

After all I am easily pleased …     https://baarmychris.wordpress.com/?s=I%27m+easily+pleased&submit=Go


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