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Poetry as I see it

Poetry through my eyes.


Poetry through my eyes.

“Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.”

Quoted Jane Austen a writer in history.

My style’s the same, I agree entirely

‘My pen writes humour,’ I say reliably.

I love all forms of witty poetry

From limericks to haiku but nothing smutty.

To make someone smile, if only temporary

Is what I enjoy but doing it literary?

It makes my heart swell to see its effects

Even though it is far from perfect.

That’s the joy of writing a poem

You can get away with anything, it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Can you see what I did there with my rhyming couplet?

You only need a pen, some words and you’re set.

I may not be famous but I’ve written quite a few,

I’ve just completed this one, now I’ll leave it up to you.


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So, what do I have to do to become freshly pressed? Hey?

I must admit, whilst looking through all the blogs that I follow, I can see why they would be chosen. Their natural way with words and pictures is phenomenal. I always look forward to checking out the new Freshly Pressed posts when I log onto WordPress.com . I can only admire the bloggers for reaching the dizzy heights in the blogging world.

What I need is some darned, sound advice. I know when I push that ‘publish’ button that my efforts are far from good enough. I would just love to know what it is that I need to do to get better at writing. I’m being serious.

Sometimes I write something, press the Publish button and then sit there and think, ‘what a load of cr*p, Christine.’

Does anyone else feel like that? (OK, I don’t mean the Christine bit. Unless you are called Christine, that is.)

Is it just me then?

Oh dear.

Here’s to being Freshly Pressed…


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