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Phobophobia – I think I’m a sufferer

Over the years it’s become apparent that I suffer from several phobias. I don’t know when they started, or even why, if I’m being honest. All I know is I seem to suffer more than most. I’ll tell you about two that have been with me from childhood.

Cynophobia – 

My biggest fear is of dogs. Not so much small dogs, more likely to be the barking, growling types. Don’t get me wrong, I would never intentionally hurt one but if I had to defend myself then I’m not so sure. I have been known to cross the road when I see one approaching and even taken longer journeys just to avoid passing one. I know exactly why I have this fear and I can remember the moment it became a phobia. It was as a child when I had to pass a pack of dogs in the street where I lived, (in those days dogs went out unaccompanied) there were males trying to have their way with a bitch who lived nearby. I must’ve put them off their stroke (ahem) as two of them decided to sink their teeth into my leg. It didn’t half hurt and that’s stayed with me all these years. I have to say I have become more afraid with all the stories of maulings happening on our streets.

Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightening

This one started when I was 5 or 6 years old. Someone was meant to collect me from school but didn’t turn up. I didn’t live too far from school so decided to walk home on my own, my teacher didn’t stop me, probably didn’t even realise. Off I had trotted when the sky began to rumble. It wasn’t long before the rain came down as I hurried back to the house. I had one main road to cross and then I would be there. Traffic wasn’t too much of a problem then and I was home in no time. Well, I got to the house but I couldn’t get in because the door handle was too high for me to reach. I remember banging as loud as I could on the door but being so young it wouldn’t have made a difference. Besides, now, alongside the rain was the loudest thunder I had ever heard followed by flashes of lightening. In fact, I think it was the first time I’d witnessed a storm so bad. My screaming couldn’t have been heard by my mother who was chatting in the kitchen to her mum. I banged and screamed for  what seemed like an eternity when the lady who lived next door saw me and rescued me. She picked me up and opened the door shouting to my mum as she entered. As a result of this terrifying experience, I have astraphobia.

I probably have more fears than the two mentioned above but I don’t think they are bad enough to call them phobias. What I have noticed over the last few years is how the names are very similar for some fears. Take for instance Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces, it sounds very much like Agraphobia – Fear of sexual abuse. What would you do if you suffered from both? Anglophobia – fear of England/ English culture is like Angrophobia – fear of becoming angry I don’t think I have those fears.

What is alarming to me are the amount of phobias that exist. There appears to be one for everything you can think of:

Fear of words,

Being touched,

Fear of telephones,



That’s just a few random ones I’ve looked at. There are hundreds or more.

Another thing I’ve noticed are how long the words are. Surely it would be easier to say I have a fear of the number 666 than Hexakosiohexekontahexaphobia (I hope I have spelt that correctly.)

Also, when naming The fear of long words, whose idea was it to call it Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?

The lists are endless so whatever phobias you suffer from then lets hope they don’t take over your lives.


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