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I have a question for readers of my blog.

When I look at my Stats on this blog there is one post that is far more popular than the rest. Thank you for reading. I just wanted to know why.  Here’s the link…

https://baarmychris.wordpress.com/Cinquain – Sheep

So what is it about my ‘Sheep Cinquain’ that attracts so many views? 

1. Is it the picture? (I have to admit, if it was me searching for a post on sheep, the picture would’ve done it for me but that’s because I love sheep.)

I entered the word ‘sheep’ into Google search engine and my post doesn’t appear on the first page so it can’t be that.

2. Is it because it’s a Cinquain?

Well, again I typed ‘Cinquain’ into the search bar and it didn’t appear on that first page either.

3. What about Cinquain Sheep?

I tried putting the two words together and ‘Hey presto’ my blog appears on the first page. It’s not the first one there though so I’m still not convinced.

4. Finally, could it be just because it’s my blog?

Well I’d like to say it is but if it was my blog that interested the reader, then why would you read just my ‘Sheep Cinquain’? After all I have published 63 posts now and surely you would read others too.

I don’t have the answers which is why I’m asking you. Yes, I am talking to you.

Please humour me by leaving a comment if you’re one of those readers who has viewed my ‘Sheep Cinquain.’ Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous should you feel embarrassed about liking sheep/cinquains as much as I do.

Don’t be sheepish…ewe know it makes sense…(Sorry, don’t let me start my wordplay shenanigans!)


I’m thinking…I do sometimes


I was thinking of what to write. Writer’s block has caught me off guard.


Well I was going to post some lovely photos I took using my phone yesterday but I tried earlier and can’t upload them.

Now, I’m a technophobe, I know that,  but I never had this problem with my old phone.

You see my son very kindly gave me his old phone. Bless him. It took me ages to work it out. When I used the touch screen to text I’d end up sending weird messages. That’ll be the predictive text and not me.

So, I’m guessing I’ll have to hold onto those ‘fantastic’ photos until I work out how to do it.

I’ll get back to you.

Oh, the Red Arrows and the Hoe in Plymouth were the subject.

Stay tuned.


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