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X Factor is back…I haven’t forgotten the Olympics…I haven’t

Call  me fickle but I just like to be entertained.

I truly loved the Olympics even when it rained.

The games have gone now and I need  something to follow,

So it’s over to ITV1 and the X Factor for something to fill the hollow.

It feels like Winter already and what comes with that season?

The X Factor of course, is there a better reason?

I’m not a telly addict… really


London Olympics 2012 – It’s all over…

‘All good things come to an end,’

is what  they always say.

The joy, the sadness, bitterness too,

has touched the World,

and, maybe, touched you.


The nation has such talented beings,

from Michael Phelps to Bradley Wiggins.

I have been sat on the edge of my seat,

watching the rowers and cyclists,

bravely compete.

In fact,  there’s not a sport I didn’t watch,

I cheered on all the GB team,

and turned the sound up a notch.

They all did so well it would seem.

We were with you all the way.

I’d wished I was in the crowd,

but it wasn’t to be for your special day

Team GB made their country  feel proud.


I got to watch it all on TV

and in Plymouth on the Big Screen,

It meant everything to me,

 It made me feel like a Queen.

Now it seems like a lifetime away,

London Olympics is done,

What will I do with all my days?

Well I’ll be waiting for the next one.



The Paralympics will be with us soon,

29th August ’til September.

I know I’ll be there from morning ’til noon,

Well later too if I remember.


I love watching sports,

I used to take part.

Doesn’t matter which sorts,

They lift up my heart.


I have to say that the London Olympics 2012 were the best I’ve ever seen. The BBC did a very good job as did every commentator and presenter. The Olympians should feel so proud of themselves because they were truly an inspiration to future generations. They took defeat with grace, were supportive of each other and did GB proud.


Three Cheers For Team GB


Plymouth diver Tom Daley goes to the rescue…

For those who have never heard of Tom Daley, he is a Plymouth diver who has been competing from the age of  8.  He was Britain’s youngest competitor in the 2008 Summer Olympics diving from a 10 metre platform, being his speciality. 

A few days before his 18th Birthday, Tom regained his European Championship title! The city of Eindhoven was the location where he clinched the same crown at the tender age of 13.

What a present to yourself for your 18th Birthday, just 65 Days away from London 2012! (Taken  from Tom Daley.TV)

The reason for me writing about Tom today is I wanted to share with you a report I read in our local newspaper, The Herald. 

Stars dive in to help girl take plunge

A FIVE-year-old girl from Downderry took a leap of faith on her third diving lesson – after receiving a private lesson from Plymouth’s Olympic hopefuls, writes Herald reporter Tristan Nichols.

Little Ruby Davidson pulled out of a diving lesson on Saturday morning after becoming scared of the “dark water” at the Plymouth Life Centre diving pool.

  1. IN AT THE DEEP END: Tonia Couch, Tom Daley and Brooke Graddon help Ruby Davidson

    IN AT THE DEEP END: Tonia Couch, Tom Daley and Brooke Graddon help Ruby Davidson


The Sir Robert Geffery’s Primary School pupil started crying and told her mum and dad that she wanted to get changed and leave.

But Plymouth’s diving stars Tom Daley, Brooke Graddon and Tonia Couch heard her crying and tried to comfort her.

“Ruby was walking out of the changing room crying and saying she didn’t want to dive again when Tonia and Brooke followed her out,” said Ruby’s proud mum Claire Davidson.

“They were so sweet. They walked over and asked Ruby what was wrong, and then Tom joined them.

“They asked if she wanted them to go to her diving lesson with her and her face just lit up.

“She didn’t know who they were, but she was happy to have them beside her.

“She didn’t like how dark the water was and even Tom, Brooke and Tonia said it can be scary,” Claire added.

“They spent about five or 10 minutes with her and held her hand when she was jumping in.”

Claire, a 43-year-old teacher at Ridgeway School, said both her and her husband – and Ruby’s dad – Mark were “blown away” by the gesture.

“Mark had tears in his eyes, we were both just really moved by what we saw,” Claire said.

Tom Daley has had more than his fair share of problems in the last few years, the death of his father in 2011, being the biggest upset for the talented young man. Topped with that, he suffered from being bullied at school.  He has also  had a lot of flack recently from reports of him not being prepared for his competitions due to him concentrating on the media side of his career and not training as much. 

After all Tom has gone through, let’s not forget, he is only 18 years old now, surely he deserves praise for his accomplishments. I, for one, am behind him 100%.


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