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Deep breath…


OK I’m a bit of a light weight when it comes to watching any film or TV programme when it has an element of ‘making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.’  I can’t help it either. I do try to be brave but most of the film concerned is watched behind my shaking hands. 


I know when it all started….

It was when I was a child and Dr Who was on. I can’t remember who the doctor was but that’s irrelevant. It was the (I can’t believe I’m going to even write the name of them) Daleks. I spent the entire programme behind the sofa. Too scared to ever come out.

I know. You would think that anyone who was afraid of the Daleks was a wimp. 

Well, my followers (don’t know why I wrote that but it makes me feel important so let’s go with it.) I am a WIMP.

I don’t care if it makes me look inadequate. I’m afraid of the Daleks still.

There I’ve said it now. (If anyone does their voice around me I freeze.)


Back in the day, these aliens could only roll along which was still flipping scary but now…they can hover.

I can’t imagine how many nightmares I would’ve had knowing that back then. At least when I was a child my bedroom was upstairs and they couldn’t climb stairs. Hovering Daleks puts a whole new scare factor into the equation.


Incidentally, I have seen the trailer for the new Dr Who where the doctor is surrounded by his enemy. I’m worried for him. Will he get out alive? I hope so because he’s the only person who can destroy these aliens. 

Let us not forget that it’s not only those ‘things’ that scare me. Oh no. I’m a wimp remember?


My family watch all sorts of films and it doesn’t matter to them what they watch even if it scares the hell out of me. (The only exception is my daughter who is just as bad as me).

Believe it or not, it took me at least three attempts to watch the whole ‘I am legend’ film. It got so bad that my partner could take no more of my screaming and watching it behind my hands that he had to change the channel. I was OK until I saw the first zombie and that was it. it freaked me out.

 I don’t think I’m normal.

It doesn’t stop there though…

I could go on forever because there are so many films that I’m scared of but writing about them makes me relive my fears. 

I’m A Wimp


Other things that scared me:

Richard Hillman in Coronation Street, when he went doo-lally, did.

Stella Crawford in Eastenders when she was nasty to little Ben also did. As did Nasty Nick Cotton with his mum Dot.


To add to my wimpishness (I don’t care if it’s not a word)…

My partner has just reminded me that I get scared watching ‘Robson Green‘s Extreme Fishing’ and that’s because I get frightened when he catches fish that might kill him. On one occasion he was being chased by a Caimen  alligator.

Oh my Goodness! I was so scared I screamed to Robson to ‘WATCH OUT’


Do you see what I mean now? I have watched many a thriller from behind my trembling fingers. 

Now I’ve written about some of them it’s made me even more scared but I’m going to take it as a bit of therapy…


Please don’t mention them in front of me…


Weird or What…or Just Coincidental?

Reading a post entitled The Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey from Forestfae.wordpress.com the other day got me thinking.

In her post she mentioned the fact that when she arrived and parked near the Castle gates, her milometer was displaying 1066, (there is a photo to prove it too), which is rather weird considering the dates of the battle. (Not the photo being weird I add). Now I’m always fascinated by strange ‘coincidences’ like that. I’d go as far to say that those sorts of things seem to happen all the time to me.

They do. As I haven’t logged these things down over the years, because I didn’t know that I’d be writing a blog, my memory is going to have to get its act together.

I wonder if it happened to Dickens

Well, there were the times when I thought I’d ring my son, on one occasion, and my brother, another time. They were different days, months and even years apart. I picked up the receiver to dial the number and on both occasions the recipient was already on the other end. That was before I’d even dialled their number. There was no ringing for me to answer either. They had just decided to ring me when I’d decided to ring them and it was all done simultaneously. On both occasions it had happened at a time of day when we never ever called each other normally too. How strange.

I didn't even dial and you're there? Weird!

Other things that happen are I could be writing, maybe filling in a crossword or writing a letter and a really obscure word, one that I hadn’t heard for years would be mentioned on the radio or the television just as I’m writing it. That has happened so many times it’s uncanny. I don’t know why these things happen.

I’ve written a post about ghosts already but there was a time when my daughter and son were at our flat, the one I think is haunted, and we were talking about a film where a word is mentioned 3 times and something happens. Well, at the time we had a fan heater and my son jokingly said that word 3 times and it turned itself off. After we got over the shock, I decided to do the same thing. Again the heater turned itself off. My partner tried but nothing happened for him but my daughter had a go afterwards and how ‘spooked’ was I when off  it went again. I’m getting goosebumps writing about it.

None of us turned it off.

My children have had other similar things happen to them also. Things like we’d be singing a random song, as we often do, and put the radio on and hey presto it would be playing. We would mention a friend who we hadn’t seen for a long time and bump into them on a shopping trip.

I know people often tell stories of siblings feeling pains when one or the other have been in labour. That’s happened to me. I don’t have a very close family due to the fact that we spent a lot of our childhoods in different children’s homes but when my youngest sister was in labour, I wasn’t told she was, I felt the most horrific pain for a few hours. I found out the next day that she’d had her baby.

The last thing I will mention is my mum. She died in 2010 on her sister’s birthday two weeks exactly after my dad, who died on her birthday.   They divorced in the 70s and hadn’t spoken to each other since their split. None of them had gone on to meet anyone else and as far as I knew my mum had ‘hated’ him with a vengeance for the way he had treated her and us children. Anyway, I hadn’t seen her for a few years, but the day she was taken into hospital I had a sharp pain in my chest which made me a bit breathless. Just then my younger sister rang to tell me that she was in hospital and it didn’t look good. I went to see her to say my goodbyes but she was unconscious. I managed to tell her though and I think she heard me because the machine that monitors the heart rate began to show some activity by peaking rapidly.

Although I digressed slightly there, the point I was making was how close my parents were without anyone noticing. They chose to die in the same month and year and none of them knew. I find that very strange.

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Do you believe in ghosts?

What was that?

The reason why I ask this question is because  there have been many an incident or time in my life where I have believed in their existence.  I always have the feeling that I am being watched by ‘something.’

As I write this, I have that feeling because I’m sure this place is haunted too,  but I don’t like to put it in words verbally just in case the ‘ghost’ realises that I know it’s here and wants to contact me. I know that sounds a bit barmy but I always think that if ‘it’ knows that ‘you’ know then it will start to talk to ‘you’ or worse. (I know what I mean!). The only time I will discuss it is when I’m at work or out with my partner, who insists he’s seen ‘it’ and has even been in the bathroom when the bolt on the door has closed by itself with him watching it move.

My first experience came when I was a child and living at home with my very large family, (I am one of 15 children but that’s another story), I overheard an older sister talking to my mother in the kitchen. It was said in hushed tones so as not to ‘frighten’ me who had shared the same bedroom as her. She’d been telling her about a visit that she’d had the previous night from a ‘ghost.’ Apparently he, the ghost, had sat on her bed and began to tell her a story of  his fate one winter’s night. He’d been riding his motor bike home to see his fiance when the brakes had failed and he hit a wall which killed him. Hearing my sister retell his story had sent shivers down my spine because I could remember that a few weeks before then ‘something or someone’ had blown my hair off my face and whispered something to me. It wasn’t any of my family as they were asleep and I had felt really cold and scared. I had asked my sister the next morning if it was her and her shocked face told me she hadn’t.

Another time and a different flat, I was really spooked by what I can only describe as a ‘ghost dressed as a nurse.’ (By that description I don’t mean a cross- dressing ghost) This time I was sharing a flat with the same older sister and her 2 children. One was a baby, the other around 5 years old. My bedroom was next to hers and the baby’s, my nephew. It was around 2am and I had been asleep for a few hours when I woke myself up laughing, I do that a lot. On waking, I felt my bed moving from side to side and heard a screeching voice telling me to be quiet. As I opened my eyes I saw the ‘ghost dressed as a nurse’ disappear through the corner of my bedroom into my sister’s room. (I am beginning to get the ‘eeby geebies’ as I write this with the recollection of that night but I have to carry on).

The next morning I had to tell my sister but she’d already started to tell me the sight she had seen as she was awoken too. First it was with the baby crying but when she got out of bed to go to him she saw the same figure standing over his cot and his crying had stopped. In fact he was smiling up at ‘the ghost’. After that time, the spectre had made her presence known on numerous occasions. It got to the point where I tried not to fall asleep so as to avoid her appearance which didn’t have the desired effect. She still came out when the baby cried. I was scared out of my wits. My sister didn’t seem to be as frightened as I was because when I told her that I wanted to move out, as I couldn’t take any more, she decided she would stay regardless. I have to say it wasn’t easy as I was only 18 years old and didn’t have anywhere to go but I couldn’t stay knowing what I’d seen.


I don’t know if we have a special sort of aura about us that these things happen to just us. (Me and my older sister). I don’t know why they want to visit us. Do we have the gift of being able to ‘see’ the supernatural? I don’t think so. Are we just unlucky or could that be classed as lucky?  Again, I don’t know the answers. All I know is if I carry on pretending that I don’t know that there’s one here I should be OK. (I think.)


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