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Here’s one for the male drivers

I have a GPS…

I have a little GPS
I’ve had it all my life
It’s better than the normal ones
My GPS is my wife

It gives me full instructions
Especially how to drive
“It’s thirty miles an hour”, it says
“You’re doing thirty five”

It tells me when to stop and start
And when to use the brake
And tells me that it’s never ever
Safe to overtake

It tells me when a light is red
And when it goes to green
It seems to know instinctively
Just when to intervene

It lists the vehicles just in front
And all those to the rear
And taking this into account
It specifies my gear.

I’m sure no other driver
Has so helpful a device
For when we leave and lock the car
It still gives its advice

It fills me up with counseling
Each journey’s pretty fraught
So why don’t I exchange it
And get a quieter sort?

Ah well, you see, it cleans the house,
Makes sure I’m properly fed,
It washes all my shirts and things
And – keeps me warm in bed!

Despite all these advantages
And my tendency to scoff,
I do wish that once in a while
I could turn the damned thing off.

Of course, I’m not like the wife in the poem…
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Ouch! Shingles is a pain.

Ouch! Ouch! and double Ouch!!!


I know I’m a drama queen

but this time it hurts.

tried putting on clothing

 under my T-shirt.


Everything’s painful

the worst I have felt

I’ve had to stay home

and undo my belt.


The rash is so itchy,

I’m resisting the urge

to pull up my top, oh…

I’m right on the verge.


It’s been over a week now

I’ve suffered the pain

I’m hoping to recover

and be ‘normal’ again.


It helps having my family

to make me feel better

my friends are good too

I’ll soon be in fine fetter


Thank you for reading

my attempt at a verse

it took my mind of my shingles

but I will need a nurse…


“NURSE!…NURSE! Oh dear, the pain is unbearable.”


To my followers- can you help me with my last line -I hate being ill…

Calling all WordPress users and followers. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think my last line is very good. I’m struggling so if you think you have a better ending, let me know…



I’m not well


I’m off from work ‘cos I’m sick

Being sick gets on my wick.

I like to be active

being ill isn’t attractive

so it’s off to the bathroom…QUICK!


I’ve had trouble with my sinuses

I’ve also got Laryngitis

I have no voice

My partner’s rejoiced

It won’t be for long the Dr says.


See what I mean?

Go on…

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