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Ouch! Shingles is a pain.

Ouch! Ouch! and double Ouch!!!


I know I’m a drama queen

but this time it hurts.

tried putting on clothing

 under my T-shirt.


Everything’s painful

the worst I have felt

I’ve had to stay home

and undo my belt.


The rash is so itchy,

I’m resisting the urge

to pull up my top, oh…

I’m right on the verge.


It’s been over a week now

I’ve suffered the pain

I’m hoping to recover

and be ‘normal’ again.


It helps having my family

to make me feel better

my friends are good too

I’ll soon be in fine fetter


Thank you for reading

my attempt at a verse

it took my mind of my shingles

but I will need a nurse…


“NURSE!…NURSE! Oh dear, the pain is unbearable.”


August – Things I know about this month

I haven’t posted for a while so, as it’s August, I thought I’d tell you something about this month.


  • Although we know it as being the 8th month, in the Roman calendar it was the 6th and thus called Sextilis meaning 6th.
  • This month was called Weod Monath, weed month, by the Anglo-Saxons because it’s the month when weeds grow most quickly.
  • Two sayings for August are: ‘Dry August and warm doth harvest no harm’ and ‘If the first week of August be warm, the winter will be white and long’
  • The 1st August was the the opening day of the 11th Olympics in Berlin, 1936.
  •  On the 3rd August 1942, Christopher Columbus set sail on his first voyage. He went to the Canary Islands.
  • August 18th 1941, The National Fire Service was established in Britain
  • Francis Chichester sailed from PLYMOUTH on 27th August 1966 on, Gypsy Moth IV, and was the first successful person to sail around the world, single handedly. 


On a personal note; My daughter was born on the 29th August and, this year, she will no longer be a teenager.

That thought makes me feel sad and… old.


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Pinch-Bum-Day today…

Well, did you know that?

Today is also known as Royal Oak Day. On this day in history…… 

“Royal Oak Day (Oak Apple Day) was a public holiday celebrated in England on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of the English monarchy, in May 1660.

“Parliament had ordered the 29th of May, the King’s birthday, to be forever kept as a day of thanksgiving for our redemption from tyranny and the King’s return to his Government, he returning to London that day.”

Samuel Pepys’s Diary 1st June 1660

Charles ll

Apparently, on Oak Apple Day there would be parties with lots of dancing and people would show their support for the monarchy by wearing sprigs of oak leaves or a sprig with an oak apple on. An oak apple was gall produced by wasps in oak  buds.


If people didn’t wear these sprigs they would be punished by either a pinch on the bottom or being whipped with nettles. 


I wonder if they could’ve chosen which punishment they had to endure.

I would’ve chosen the pinching of the bum I think…


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