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Cinquain – Cupcakes



 Deliciously sweet,

Decorated with care,

Polished off with one


empty cupcake wrapper

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Why is it…?

That when we go for a cuppa, where I have a tea and my partner has a coffee, we are only given the tiniest jug of milk between us?

It's not everyone's cup of tea!

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea!


Now, I’m not one to moan but come on… If I were to go into a cafe alone, I would get the same size jug of milk just for me. I know that because I’ve done it and in the same place too. So why do we have to share one between two?  

Size does matter

Size does matter


I could understand it if it was a one off and happened in only one cafe/coffee shop but it hasn’t. We have been in a few different places where we’ve bought one coffee and one tea and still they’ve given us a jug suitable for a doll’s picnic. Or in other words, a thimble!


I expect you’re thinking, ” Stop moaning and ask for extra milk,” well we have before but it’s the principle of the matter. It’s not like we do it often but for heaven’s sake why should we have to ask. They should know that a dribble of milk between two isn’t going to go far.

I don’t like my tea too strong and I feel aggrieved. 

I’m not going to have a cuppa whilst in town ever again. There I’ve said it now so I can’t go back on my word. 


That’s it, moan over. Thanks for listening. I’m now going to drink a lovely cup of  chocolate.


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