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It’s snow joke for the farmers

I feel so sorry for the farmers

Their sheep are buried in snow.

The weather has been so cold of late

it has really taken it’s toll.

Farmer Gareth Wyn Jones rescuing his sheep.

Farmer Gareth Wyn Jones rescuing his sheep.

They try to make a living 

it must be very hard,

to be up in the early hours

not knowing what’s in the yard.


The seasons have been changing,

It’s getting worse each year.

You assume the sun will shine in Spring,

but it hasn’t happened here (much)


I’ve just watched the local news,

garden centres are ditching their plants

because the weather has been so cold

they didn’t stand a chance.


Now I don’t know about you

but there’s only so

much I can take.

If it continues to stay this cold

I’ll have to bake a cake.


Well, you have to.

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Don’t be Sheepish, Ewe know Ewe want to read about Sheep…

I can’t hold off any longer. It had to come soon. It’s surprising I haven’t written a post about my favourite animal before, (apart from my cinquain, that is.)

Afrino ram

When people talk about sheep they nearly always mention things that certain men do to them in fields.

((I’ve never heard anything concerning women – only saying… and NO… I am not going to say what it is because it upsets me!)

It’s another reason why I get strange looks when I happen to mention that I like sheep.

There are over 1000 breeds of sheep all over the World but my favourite type just happen to be the Whiteface/Blackface Dartmoor Sheep.

Aren’t they lovely?

If you ever get the chance to visit Devon, UK, then I urge you to visit the moors where you will find the views breathtaking and the wildlife amazing.

Interesting (I think so anyway) facts about sheep:

  • Racing sheep is popular in Bideford North Devon. An English farmer claims one of his racing rams established a World Record by covering a 220-yard course (which included a ewe-turn) in just 17 seconds. [text courtesy of Eric Shackle]
  • Sheep are not as stupid as many people think. The saying ‘following like sheep’ refers to them doing so because they can’t think for themselves. Well, the reason they do that is that if a predator is approaching, at least they’re safer in a flock.
  • Hungry sheep on the Yorkshire Moors (Great Britain) taught themselves to roll 8 feet (3 meters) across hoof-proof metal cattle grids to raid villagers’ valley gardens. According to a witness, “They lie down on their side or sometimes their back and just roll over and over the grids until they are clear. They are very clever”[Source: BBC News, July 2004]
  • A study of sheep psychology has found they can remember the faces of 50 different sheep for up to two years and they could even remember a human face. 
  • Some sheep showed that they had advanced learning capabilites, after scientists put them through a series of tests,  they were able to navigate the challenges in the same way as humans and primates.
  • Sheep have excellent senses. Their wide angle of vision allows them to see predators. They can direct their ears to the direction of sound. They are very sensitive to what different predators smell like.

I have researched sheep for a few years now because, to me, they are amazing animals. I have written a book about a family of sheep (fictional for children) to highlight their incredible behaviour. I hope to have it published one day…

Racing sheep

I would like to thank sheep101.info for most of the facts mentioned. 


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