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Today is Cheer up the Lonely Day

on July 11, 2013


I like it when there are special days in the calendar for us to acknowledge and today is no exception.

In fact, apart from ‘cheer up the Lonely Day,’ today, 11th July, is special for other reasons too and I’ll mention those later.

To cheer up a lonely person is an admirable thing to do but the problem with that is, how do you know who’s lonely? Is there a way where lonely people can let you know? Is there a register for the lonely?

I know that some elderly folk who live alone would be glad of a visit but it wouldn’t be advisable for them to answer the door to some stranger claiming to being able to cheer them up. I guess you could visit an old people’s home and offer your help but, if they’re living with other residents, would they be lonely? Do you see what I mean? 

If you do get the chance to cheer up the lonely today, incidentally you only have two and a half hours left in GB, then well done to you.


The following was taken from http://www.answers.com

Other special days for July 11th are: National Blueberry Muffin Day, Bowdler’s Day, International Town Criers’ Day and Day of the Five Billion. 

 “July 11, 1987. An eight-pound baby boy, Matej Gaspar, born at 1:35 AM, EST, at Zagreb, Yugoslavia, was proclaimed the five billionth inhabitant of Earth. The United Nations Fund for Population Activities, hoping to draw attention to population growth, proclaimed July 11 as “Day of the Five Billion,” noting that 150 babies are born each minute.”

I hope you’ve had a good day today…