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Driving Tests – Share Your Experiences.

on June 23, 2013

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For those of you who have had a driving test recently and have passed on your first attempt, then ‘Congratulations’ to you.

I am in awe of your capabilities to achieve such a difficult task. To pass after having one test is a very rare occurrence theses days as the rules  have changed so much over the years. Especially in the UK where I took mine.

Now, I’ve written about my experiences before… 


I won’t bore you by repeating everything I told you in the above post; just read it to see how I did.


The reason I’m writing this post is that I’m curious to see which faults other drivers have made whilst out on a driving test. I might be able to offer help, considering how many tests it took me to pass. 


By ‘faults’ it could be a typical error like forgetting to check blind spots or mirrors. Alternatively,  it could be as I did when I’d convinced myself that I’d failed so much that I drove to the next car park to let the examiner out of the car,  thus ending the test. Incidentally, the car park was next to the test centre and it had been only about 5 minutes into the test. The funny part, (it wasn’t at the time) was the examiner had to climb through a hedge to get back to the test centre. I had felt so foolish at the time.


A friend shared one of her ‘faults’ with me… She was driving towards a junction when the examiner asked her if she could see an oncoming vehicle.

She’d replied, ‘no’. He then suggested that she should put the windscreen wipers on, as it was raining heavily, then she might be able to see more clearly. Oops!

I think she went on to make more errors, as a result, but that’s down to the pressure and the nerves that come to most people on their driving test(s).


Does anything come to mind from your own experiences?

Would you be willing to share those experiences? 

I’m just curious to see if there are people like me who have made similar errors and haven’t given up but have continued to learn to drive regardless of the mistakes. 

Please comment and I will reply.


2 responses to “Driving Tests – Share Your Experiences.

  1. I ran ALL of the stop signs on my first test. The nice policeman did not point it out until the last one 🙂


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