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My Mount Wise Memories

on February 22, 2013
Lying on the grass looking up to Scott.

Lying on the grass looking up to Scott was a frequent occurrence.

Growing up in Devonport, Plymouth was I time I’ll never forget. Even though my childhood was poor, I still have my memories of times where I could escape and be myself.

I wrote this poem for a competition I entered last year and, even though I didn’t win, I still wanted to share it…

Mount Wise, Devonport


The place I frequented when feeling low

I would watch the ships come and go.

The moonlit pools they offered solace

Mirroring my tear stained face.

Wandering up onto the hill

Scott Memorial was there still.

Defeated by the elements in his quest

To reach the South Pole, he did his best.

I see Devonport Towers, naming all three.

Tamar house, Lyner and Tavy.

Over the grass I go, to the Dockyard wall.

Time stood, for me, still I can recall.

Leaning on the fence, the wind through my hair,

Realising someone else was there.

Behind the wall, standing tall, stood King Billy

I talked to him daily (I know that sounds silly!)

He answered me too, which I thought was weird

Until I found out it was a ‘Dockyardie’ with a beard.

Devonport has changed over the years

I rarely frequent, now, with my tears.

Those days may have gone but on closing my eyes,

I’ll always remember my life in Mount Wise.

I'd talk to him and got a reply.

I’d talk to him and get a reply.


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  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Great job…thank you for sharing


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