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Am I an addict?

on September 9, 2012

Just because I have it once a day,

doesn’t mean I’ve gone astray.

Just because I love it’s feel,

doesn’t mean I’m ready to deal.

Just because I think of it a lot,

doesn’t mean I’ve lost the plot.

Just because I get the shakes,


According to some (not mentioning names),

I have the addiction game.

I am not an addict so don’t say I’m punchy,

All I do is eat my CRUNCHIE.


Does that make me an addict?

Don’t think so…


Dear Cadburys,

Crunchies are not JUST for Fridays.

Just Saying!


3 responses to “Am I an addict?

  1. Carl Parmenter says:

    I’ve just emailed the following to Cadburys:


    My mum loves Crunchies, she loves them a lot. She’s so obsessed she’s even written a poem about them. She ends this by stating that they aren’t just for Friday’s and I have to agree, after all I prefer to eat them on a Wednesday.
    Anyway, I have a couple of questions. Firstly, are there any plans to make an advert with this in mind – “Crunchies are for every day of the week, just don’t eat too many” maybe? Secondly, is it possible for someone to go mad from eating too many Crunchies as I am starting to question her sanity?

    Thanks for your help


    Oh, and if you are able to open attachments this is her poem, you be the judge of sanity –


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