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Out Of Body Experience

on September 7, 2012

Whether you are a believer or not, most people have heard of this phenomenon. 

Let me tell you why I decided to write about this subject. 

If you have read my post about my son you will be able to understand this post more so click the link first. https://baarmychris.wordpress.com/?s=carl&submit=Go

Well, I’m assuming you did read about his hospital drama so continue reading here…

When Carl awoke from his induced coma, apart from telling me that his finger was hurting due to the Pulse Oximeter, he told me something else that scared me.


Bear in mind that Carl had had open heart surgery which meant that his heart had to be stopped during the operation. Writing those words still make me shudder as I think of how seriously ill he was. He was only ten years old at the time so I had no reason to think that he would’ve known about Out Of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE)


He told me that he had had a ‘dream’ whilst he was in the operating theatre. His ‘dream’ was very strange to him. He said that he was on the operating table and there were lots of nurses and Drs  leaning over him. He could see himself lying there as he had floated up to the ceiling and was looking down. His back was pressed up to the ceiling. He could see the lights on the machinery flashing and heard an alarm bleeping.  People were rushing about shouting to each other like something was wrong. He could see himself lying on that table. 


I didn’t know what to say to him as I was stunned. All I could manage was, ‘That was a strange dream Carl.’


He doesn’t remember much from his childhood and I’m not sure if he remembers this happening. He has told me that everything before his operation has left his memory now.

That is a shame because his childhood had gone at ten years old, it went the day he had his operation I think. He grew up so quickly after that. It changed his views on life in general. It made him appreciate what he has and how to live his life to the full. He’s not afraid to challenge himself and he has a go at everything.


He may not remember but I knew exactly what it was that had occurred that day but I didn’t dare tell him.

I have now.



4 responses to “Out Of Body Experience

  1. Carl Parmenter says:

    Once again thanks for filling me in on the details of something I genuinely don’t remember… Quite weird how I can’t recall anything from my childhood actually, never really thought about it until today but most of memories are from 10 onwards. Weird x


    • Chris. says:

      Yeah, it is weird. I think you remember falling down the stairs whilst riding your Knight Rider car, Kit, and fracturing your scull. That was before you were 10 so you haven’t forgotten all of it. Mind you, how could you forget that? I’m not sure how it happened but your brother was stood in shock at the top of the stairs! Hmm! x


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