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Olympians Return to Plymouth

On Wednesday our local Olympians  paraded through Plymouth on an open top bus.

 I was there and I felt as emotional as I did when I watched them compete, when I saw the bus approaching Royal Parade.

I took some photos with my phone as I don’t own an elaborate camera. They were, a touch, blurry but  I was happy I managed to get some pictures.

After we watched them on stage, through the crowds of people that had congregated, we decided to take a trip up onto the Hoe. A fantastic sunset greeted us.

As I said before, they were a bit blurry but the view was amazing.

Plymouth is a great place with fantastic views. I’ve lived here all my life and I still marvel at the sights.

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Cinquain – Beans


Jelly Beans

Baked Beans and

Coffee Beans, Has Beens 


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Am I an addict?

Just because I have it once a day,

doesn’t mean I’ve gone astray.

Just because I love it’s feel,

doesn’t mean I’m ready to deal.

Just because I think of it a lot,

doesn’t mean I’ve lost the plot.

Just because I get the shakes,


According to some (not mentioning names),

I have the addiction game.

I am not an addict so don’t say I’m punchy,

All I do is eat my CRUNCHIE.


Does that make me an addict?

Don’t think so…


Dear Cadburys,

Crunchies are not JUST for Fridays.

Just Saying!


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