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Christine’s Create a Comical Caption Challenge

Today I thought I’d try something different (for me) on my blog.

I always find photos, where people are participating in various sports, quite comical. I know they’re not meant to be funny but I have a warped sense of humour at times. I do apologise if you happen to be in any of the photos that I’m showing in this post. It’s not my intention to upset anyone.

MANY THANKS to Plymouth Herald and to Plymouth Argyle FC v Dagenham and Redbridge FC  for the photos.

To give you, the reader, something to do I would welcome any captions that you can come up with. 

Photo A

My Caption for photo A…This Blow Football is getting harder since they’ve started using bigger balls…

If that was too easy I have photo B for you too…

Photo B

I know WordPress bloggers will know some great captions so…over to you…


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