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Not long now…I can’t wait…

on July 26, 2012

The minutes are ticking away,

It’s now only less than a day.

The Opening Ceremony looms,

I envisage the fireworks’ plumes.

My excitement is building up fast,

So much so I hope it can last.

Tom Daley, Sarah Barrow, Tonia Crouch,

I will be watching from my couch.

The diving team from the South West,

In my eyes, you are the best.

Antony James a butterfly swimmer,

You, too, will be a great winner.

Whatever the outcome is,

It’s something I won’t like to miss.

Tennis, diving, athletics too,

Whoever you are I will be watching you.

2012 London Olympics,

without all the gimmicks.


Good Luck to Everyone all Over The World


4 responses to “Not long now…I can’t wait…

  1. Tammy says:

    watching them as I read this 😀


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