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Wow! It’s happened again. I’ve been nominated…

on July 22, 2012

Yes, you read right. I can’t quite believe it yet. It hasn’t sunk in. 

There was I, minding my own business, when, (drum roll) it shot through the air like an arrow from Robin Hood’s bow and landed straight there into my comments box.

I am very grateful to be noticed in such a way and feel truly honoured and ‘special’ to have been the first choice for http://timzauto.wordpress.com/ 

Oh yes, the first choice, (normally, I’m the last so please try to look excited for me. I would do the same for you…)

Anyhow, can I take the time to thank Tim for such an award. I would also like to thank all my family for supporting me whilst I slaved over a hot lap top. Mostly I’d like to thank Stephen, my long suffering partner, for putting up with me forever going on about ideas for my blog and for, even, suggesting some ideas too…

OK I know I’m acting like a Diva who’s just been nominated for an Oscar or something but, to me, this is just like an Oscar. It makes me feel that all the crap great stuff I’ve written hasn’t been wasted. There are some genuine people out there who don’t know what makes a great blog.

Anyway, apart from thanking people, I remember that I have to write a few things about me. (7 things I think Tim said, please don’t stop reading halfway through)  Oh shucks! What can I say? 

  1. I love music be it singing, listening to it or dancing to it. I love it.
  2. I love reading, especially all of your lovely blogs (sucking up a bit there.)
  3. I can’t ride a bike. (It’s important I tell you that, just in case anyone expects me to ride one. I can’t.)
  4. I swim in a funny position with my head up high out of the water like a giraffe having a bath. (There’s an idea for another poem. Ha. I hate getting my hair wet, it goes all frizzy.)
  5. I’m not vain. I just don’t like getting my hair wet.
  6. I like helping people it makes me feel good.
  7. I won an essay competition when I was 12 years old. 

Well, now you know why I’m so strange at times. 

Now all that remains for me to do is to make someone else as happy as I am. I will be nominating some blogs that have made an impression on me in the last few months.

Here goes

  1. http://clotildajamcracker.wordpress.com/ I’m nominating you because your blog is inspirational and you’re one of the first to always ‘like’ what I write. You are a great follower and now is your time to be noticed. Go check her out…
  2. http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com/ Dear Dotty, I am nominating your blog because you love tennis as much as me and you were a great support to me whist Wimbledon was on. You are a very clever blogger too. Thank you for following me. From Chris
  3. http://layedbacklife.wordpress.com/  I have been inspired by your blog and you have also been another great follower to me. I truly appreciate you. Thanks.
  4. http://alsanda.wordpress.com/ I have nominated your blog because you have kept me amused for months with your jokes and proverbs. A very humorous blog. Thanks for the entertainment.

I know I’ve left some of  my followers off this list but don’t fret because I wouldn’t have been able to keep this random blog going without all of you. You have made my time on WordPress so worthwhile and I truly appreciate you all.

All of you deserve a round of applause for putting up reading my stuff. I have noticed you and I think you’re all great…


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  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination and so glad that you received the award…great job and great blog…


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