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Is Road Rage necessary?

on July 20, 2012

I’d like to think that I am a patient person. In fact, for most of the time. I am. I am fairly laid back in my everyday life with everything considered and I rarely lose my temper. I’ve always been like that.

On the whole, I’m the same when I am driving. I tend to be pretty boring when it comes to being in the driving seat, by that I mean I stick to the speed limit and try not to jump a red light. 

For some people though, adhering to the speed limit is a crime to mankind. I mean, what on earth do I think I’m doing sticking to a 30mph when I could put my foot down and go at least 10mph faster? I could get to the next set of traffic lights a lot quicker if I did. Well silly me. I didn’t realise getting from ‘a’ to ‘b’ a few seconds quicker was that important. (It isn’t to me.)

What is important to me though is doing it more safely. Now I said I was a patient person (I am) but what does make me lose my patience is some ‘jumped up’, ‘arrogant’, ‘fat headed’, ‘chauvinistic’, ‘idiotic‘, ‘stupid’, ‘horn sounding’ person. I hate them. What gives them the right to keep sounding their horn like Noddy on a Merry-go-round? If they don’t do that they drive up so close you can see the pores/hairs on their red faced skin and continually flash their headlights in a way of intimidating me to push the accelerator a little harder.

Well, listen to me Mr/Mrs/Miss Haste Bag, I won’t fall for it. I don’t stand for that kind of behaviour. At least not while I’m in my lovely, safe environment where I have the strength to stand up to ‘The Hulk‘. Oh no. No what I do when that happens to me is the opposite just to annoy the idiot behind. I stay at the intended speed more as  ‘making a stand’  against the bully. 

Oh yes, they can swear as much as they want and call me whatever they want because I am not moving any quicker. Do you know what? That makes me feel so powerful knowing that the ‘fat head’ won’t beat me. (Well not until they find a chance to overtake me.)

When they do overtake I’d like to think I will be ready with that look of disgust or that nod of the head that says, ‘idiot’ or a hand gesture to really tell them who’s boss. 

So, why can’t I? I mean, I can manage the nod of the head and I can give them that ‘you are a complete and utter idiot’ look but when it comes to  displaying a middle finger or, maybe, the two fingers or even the hand gesture which I would never do (I have a friend who does and I find it too unladylike for me), my attempts never work.

I’ve tried, believe me I have but all I can manage is either a baby finger or a thumb which, actually, is a good idea (I’ve found out) beacuse it confuses the hell out of them…

So, I don’t think road rage is necessary. Do you?


4 responses to “Is Road Rage necessary?

  1. TammyeHoney says:

    I have found it amazing to count the number of people who have passed me with that same red face and single digit finger speeding along a few miles up the road on the shoulder with a car directly behind them with a red flashing light on the top…perhaps if they had taken my hint they would have known they were entering the speed trap zone… lol…oops bet they do not have the same rage next time…


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