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I forgot about this…

on July 15, 2012

I’ve just remembered a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago. This friend  (Shall we call her Susan?) fostered children. Actually, she still does. Susan always liked to give her foster children the best of everything, be it clothes, jewellery, food… She could afford it so she always felt the need to indulge.

Susan: Well I’m off into town to buy a mobile for the baby.

Me: (Thinking, What??  A mobile?) A mobile Susan? Aren’t you taking it a bit far now?

I was thinking that she’d really lost the plot now.

Susan: What do you mean? Taking it a bit far?

Me: Well the baby can’t talk, pick it up and answer it…When she’s older I can understand it…(Cutting me off)

Susan: A mobile for above her cot so that when she wakes up she’ll be able to watch it and the music will put her back to sleep…

Me: (As red as a red apple. Not the best simile.)  OOPs! I’d forgotten about those.

Well! How was I to know?


10 responses to “I forgot about this…

  1. HA HA that really made me chuckle!


    • Christine. says:

      Thanks for your comment. It wasn’t funny at the time but I guess, as it was a few years ago, I can laugh now too. I’m a dippy so and so sometimes. 🙂


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