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I don't suffer from randomness… I, obviously, quite enjoy it!!

I forgot about this…

I’ve just remembered a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago. This friend  (Shall we call her Susan?) fostered children. Actually, she still does. Susan always liked to give her foster children the best of everything, be it clothes, jewellery, food… She could afford it so she always felt the need to indulge.

Susan: Well I’m off into town to buy a mobile for the baby.

Me: (Thinking, What??  A mobile?) A mobile Susan? Aren’t you taking it a bit far now?

I was thinking that she’d really lost the plot now.

Susan: What do you mean? Taking it a bit far?

Me: Well the baby can’t talk, pick it up and answer it…When she’s older I can understand it…(Cutting me off)

Susan: A mobile for above her cot so that when she wakes up she’ll be able to watch it and the music will put her back to sleep…

Me: (As red as a red apple. Not the best simile.)  OOPs! I’d forgotten about those.

Well! How was I to know?


Go and analyse this…if you can

I’ve already mentioned, in a former post, ‘dreams…aren’t they just weird?’  that I have strange dreams. Well I still do. 

Last night was no different to others, although I felt like I was sickening for something which normally makes me dream strange things. I don’t know why that is, maybe I had a temperature or something. Who knows!

My son, who writes ‘insane thoughts of an insane mind’ on WordPress tried to analyse my dream and I agreed that he is probably right in what he said. I’ll let you decide.

The Dream:

I was in the work’s staff room but it wasn’t the staff room it was a classroom. (Our staff room wasn’t as big as the room I was in.) Several staff members were there and they were all sat at individual desks which had pull out trays. (Our staff room doesn’t have desks, well it does but only two with computers on.) Anyway, before everyone had arrived, I’d observed  a young girl putting a selection of lovely looking cream cakes in these trays. (Some had fruit and chocolate swirls on top. Yum.) So I mentioned it to the staff who were present.

Oh, did I say that through all this I was stood up watching them? Well, I was. I had wanted to sit down but every time I tried somebody else sat where I wanted to. To be fair, it was becoming quite annoying. So, after telling them about the cakes, they all pulled out their trays to reveal the delicious, beautifully decorated, unhealthy cakes. I remember thinking that I would have the cheesecake with forest fruits on the top. (If I got the chance!)

Thanks to FreeFoto.com for this beautiful picture.

 They didn’t take long to devour these gorgeous cakes, so much so that when I got the chance to select one, they were either all gone or someone had eaten the toppings leaving just the pastry or a small bread roll! (This was starting to become a nightmare and, by the way, I was still stood up.) By this time, I’d realised that I hadn’t had a drink whereas my work colleagues all had a beverage in front of them. Not one person offered me a drink instead I was told to get one from the hatch. (Strange as we don’t have a hatch in the staff room, we usually make a cuppa ourselves.) 

Turning to where the ‘hatch’ was, I noticed that it was a fair distance to walk and I’d been having trouble with my feet for weeks. Nevertheless, the thought of a hot cup of tea was more inviting to me at that time. I thought I’d deserved at least that. I was incredibly thirsty. As I walked, they were all laughing at me. I didn’t know why but had come to expect it from those lot. (I always get laughed at and it’s  usually because I’m making faces without realising it.)

Anyway, I carried on walking but on my way I saw a very strange thing. In the staff room (which wasn’t a staff room) was a farmer with an animal on a lead. The weird thing was that it was a sheep dressed as a cow. They (the staff) kept saying ‘what a funny cow’ which annoyed me because I was the only one who could see that it was a sheep, I saw its sheep tail wagging and everything but  they just ignored me when I kept telling them. The farmer was getting the animal to do his trick to impress the staff but the ‘sheep’ didn’t want to. However when the farmer put his hand up (NO… not up the sheep! Naughty lot!) in the air then, sure enough, he performed his trick. He spun round and round on the spot. Impressive.

With that, I woke up and looked at the clock… but I didn’t really wake up, I was still dreaming. (I told you it was strange.) When I looked at the clock I didn’t take in what the time was so then I really did wake up. (Is anyone still even reading this?)

The time was 3 minutes to 9, (It’s OK because it was Sunday.)

You should read this…In front of the of the clock, slightly obscuring the time, was Mellie, one of my cuddly sheep! STRANGE.

That’s all there was to it!

In the beginning of this post I mentioned that my son tried to analyse my dream. I was going to tell you what he said but do you know what? I think you should try to do that first. I’d like to see if anyone else comes up with the same thoughts as him. 

Good Luck with that then.


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