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I don't suffer from randomness… I, obviously, quite enjoy it!!

Helen…Check this out…

Helen my friend does  love purple,

So rhyming words for that could be hirple,

It means to walk with a hobble,

Just after a wobble,

When she slipped and landed on her curple.

Feel free to look up the definitions….

*Note to Helen…Sorry. It would’ve been better if you like pink or blue…

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Limericks aren’t as easy as they look…

I have a great friend called Jan,

Who finds it quite easy to tan,

She just looks at the sun,

 When her holiday’s begun,

And she returns darker than she began.

I am trying…

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My first limerick

There was an old man they called Bert,

 Who wore a pink wig, blouse and skirt,

 He didn’t look daft,

But there was quite a draught,

His wife said that it didn’t hurt. 

I think I need to practise


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