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Come on Andy Murray!

on July 4, 2012

He started with Davydenko

the Russian he beat in three sets.

His next match he defeated Karlovic

How many of us put on bets?

 His third victory was with Baghdatis,

the smiling Cypriot who took him to four.

Cillic went out with a bang in three sets,

the Croat who could have done more.

I’ve just watched him beat Ferrer from Spain,

I was on the edge of my seat.

I don’t know if my nerves will last again,

because it’s Tsonga he has now to meet.

On Friday the match is due to begin,

it won’t come around in a hurry.

Obviously I want him to win,



2 responses to “Come on Andy Murray!

  1. Carl Parmenter says:

    Great poetry, just a shame he will no doubt lose in the semis. Even if he doesn’t, Murray will still be second best to the winner, and there ends the British hold on tennis


    • Christine. says:

      Thanks Carl. I’m an optimist so disagree with you there. He has every chance of winning and I hope for once, he does. Don’t forget Nadal is out, Tsonga might not hold on to win, (He jumps about a bit too much and may hurt his meta tarsal or something) and Jok a vich (I haven’t got his name in front of me) well he’s busy on Sunday and said he’s going to let Murray win so he can get a McDonald’s. Now do you see? x


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