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Did you know that today – July 3 – is Stay Out Of The Sun Day and Compliment Your Mirror Day?


No? I am surprised you forgot. How could you? I mean EVERYONE knows that. Surely.

So, now you do know and if you live in Great Britain, as do I, I hope you’ve taken note…

Hey wait a minute…”Stay out of the Sun?”  Am I having a laugh? Unfortunately, here in the South West we haven’t seen any sun since, well since the last time it was out…Saturday I think the sun was out. Yes, it was because my nose got burned as I wasn’t prepared. I don’t think us Brits will ever be prepared for sunshine.

(I’m guessing that the Sun mentioned was to do with the weather and not being in one of GB’s tabloids as not everyone wants to be in the newspaper.)

Well, as it is a special day today, I thought I’d check out other ‘special’ days and came across http://www.oshel.com.

This website has lists of every type of day you can think of so, without any hesitation on my part, I thought I’d check what the day would be on  my birthday to find out what I’d been missing out on all my life. 

Before I took a peek at 18th October, (My Birthday) I got to thinking about what ‘Special’ day it could possibly be. I came up with all sorts of possibilities.

Would it be, ‘Eat as much chocolate as you want day?’ or ‘Let your partner do all the housework for you Day?’ Maybe it would be ‘Have a Long Soak in The Bath Day Whilst listening to Muse or Elbow Day?’ I got so excited trying to guess what it would be and when I did I  came over all unecessary.

Are you ready for this? I wasn’t…

The 18th October is   ‘No Beard Day!!’ 

 OK. You can stop laughing now! 

Whoever named these stupid days is a total waste of space. The very idea is idiotic! Whatever were they thinking of? What were they insinuating?  Morons!

I quite like a beard on my birthday.


I’m only joking. I don’t really. I haven’t got a beard.

I HAVEN’T.  Alright!

Anyway, I’ve just looked at that list again. Just to see if I read it wrong.

OK. It’s true, apparently, so I guess you won’t be seeing me until after…

October 29 which is  . . . . Hermit Day.

If your birthday is a better special day than mine, enjoy it. Don’t worry about me…I’ll be fine…

As it’s 4th July tomorrow…Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy…

National Country Music Day and Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day.

OOPS…and to all of you Lovely Americans….HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…


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