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Just a few things that my daughter has said.

on June 13, 2012

My daughter is always saying that I am ‘Random’ so I thought I’d remind her of some of her quotes.

She’s 18 now but here are a few things she has said (some of them as recently as yesterday).

“I don’t want glass in my drink, can you take it out?”  She was talking about ice cubes when she was around 6 years old.

“I like spiders, they’re better than butterflies. Butterflies are annoying the way they flap at you.” (I think she meant moths and she said that yesterday.) “At least you know where you are with spiders.”

“No you don’t,” I replied.

“Pigeons are lovely. They’re cute and everyone should give them love.” She has always loved them and even does a fantastic vocal impression of one.

*Note to self, I must record her the next time she does an impression.

When she was younger, about 10, we were driving through a place called Totnes (pronounced Tott-ness). She turned to me and said, ‘Is this where the Totnes monster lives?) She obviously meant the Loch Ness one.

She has said lots more that would be worthy of a mention but I will spare her…this time.


7 responses to “Just a few things that my daughter has said.

  1. Samantha Healy says:

    Yeah it’s definitely butterflies that freak me out…as well as moths. Haha. I have a book of silly things that you say xxx


    • Christine. says:

      Oops! I didn’t expect a visit from you Sam. Luckily, I didn’t mention the other things you’ve said. Ha ha. I wouldn’t do that to you. (Heck! Who told my daughter then????) xxxxx


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