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Britain’s Got Talent…I think

on May 8, 2012

I love this time of the year because it’s when one of my favourite shows is aired on TV.

I have watched this show since it first started in the UK in June 2007, when Paul Potts became the first winner, and I am almost addicted to the whole idea. So much so that I wrote out my predictions of who the final three would be and popped them in an envelope, ( just like Ant and Dec have done,  although my envelope is white and theirs is gold), to be opened on Saturday night during the final. I know. How sad am I! The problem with me doing that so early is, I won’t know if my final three will reach the final anyway. Having said that I am confident they will get there.

I love watching the auditions, mainly because Britain sure has a multitude of ‘odd’ people out there. I guess it kind of makes me feel normal. Ahem! Where do they think up their ideas? I mean, how many friends do you have that would line up in front of you, take their shirts off and let you throw plungers at their backs hoping they would stick? Also, would you volunteer to be a magician’s assistant, if he locked you in the stocks whilst on your knees and, after the judges showed their disapproval by buzzing, the magician walks off and leaves you, locked up? I wouldn’t be that silly. What about those embarrassing, pushy parents who get their daughters/sons on to the stage, (one such mum went on with her daughter and it didn’t go down too well with the judges or the audience) and they obviously don’t want to be there but go anyway because their parent says, ‘you’ll be fine, just keep singing.’? I know what my children would’ve told me to do. Then there are the poets.  People that go on and quote poetry as a form of entertainment is fine in itself  but it’s not what I would choose to watch if I’m honest. I love poetry but there’s a time and place for it. Nevertheless there have been a few such acts where dancing around behind the orator has been quite funny in it’s own way.

He left her in the stocks!!

I don’t care what anyone says, I love the fact that normal people can go on stage and do these things whether they make themselves look ridiculous or not. At least they had the nerve to do it. Out of every audition comes a winner. Some act who leaves you feeling emotional because their voice was spectacular or excited because they were unique, fantastic dancers, hilarious comedians, magicians or just unexplainable. I have my favourites and I hope they get into the final but whatever happens, if I don’t enter myself next year, I’ll  certainly be watching BGT.