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Which Mr Men or Little Miss character are you?

on April 29, 2012

So which one character do you think you are?

Everyone of us could have some traits from every character but if there was a choice of just the one I’d have to be Little Miss Chatterbox. I had to really think before I chose that one because various characters came to mind. Of course I’m clumsy, giggly, nosey, quite shy at times, dotty, fickle and whoops (which would suggest clumsy) but my main trait is talking, a lot. if I asked other people to choose which one they’d think I’d be then it would be a whole new kettle of fish.

If you don’t remember Mr Men or Little Miss characters then do as I did and go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Men

If you could make a new character for Mr Hargreaves what would you call it?

Thinking about people I know, I’m sure there are plenty of names that I could come with.

There would be:

Little Miss Drama Queen (That could be me too)

Little Miss Frugal

Little Miss Karaoke

Little Miss Dancing Queen

Little Miss False

Little Miss Orange

Little Miss Plastic

OK, when I said people I knew, there was only two of the above that fit any of my friends and I can tell you they weren’t plastic or orange.

As for Mr Men, how about:

Mr Pedantic


Mr Vain

Mr Modest

Mr Always Right…

This is where I leave it up to you. Can you come up with some more characters? Do you know which one you would be? Do you even care? Did you even read this?

Answers on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope to: baarmychris.wordpress.com